Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Axis 360?
    Axis 360 is Baker & Taylor's digital media circulation platform for libraries. Through Axis 360, Baker & Taylor provides libraries and their patrons a state-of-the-art system for discovering and using the digital content they want, including ebooks as well as audiobooks, on the devices they choose.
  2. How do libraries benefit from Axis 360?
    Axis 360 is easy for patrons to use, and easy for libraries to manage. Axis 360 is the one complete solution that seamlessly integrates with a library's technology, and it's the only fully-accessible econtent platform with the only accessible ereader.

    • One purchase - multiple formats. eBooks can be downloaded in EPUB or PDF formats, or in Blio, to serve a range of PCs, ereaders and mobile devices.
    • ILS integration - supporting ReadersFirst principles Digital content discovery, check out and holds all from the library catalog.
    • Ease of ordering. Libraries can quickly discover and order titles via Title Source™ 3 for same-day activation on Axis 360.
    • Print + Digital, together. Collection development services to help libraries order the right balance of formats, all at one time.
  3. How do library patrons benefit from Axis 360?
    Axis 360 is extremely easy to use, and with cloud-based delivery of ebooks and audiobooks directly to devices, Axis 360 creates an unrivaled experience for all library users.

    • Mobile version. Patrons using mobile devices – including Apple and Android tablets, smartphones and more – can view the library collection, check out and read materials in a user interface optimized for their device.
    • Ease of use. Fast and simple check out and download from the library's catalog via cloud-based delivery for reading on multiple devices.
    • Reading app integration. Axis 360 delivers a range of ebook and audiobook formats to the devices and applications that patrons prefer to use for digital reading and listening. And the axisReader app creates a durable link between a user's device and their home library.
    • Enriched title details and patron reviews. Guide patrons to their next great read with full-text industry reviews, patron-contributed reviews, ebook ratings and reading recommendations.
  4. What content is available on Axis 360?
    Axis 360 has all of the new release, current and backlist best-sellers and popular titles that publishers make available for sale to libraries. Axis 360 also offers an unrivaled collection of children's picture books and easy readers along with a great selection of lifestyle books – such as cooking and how-to manuals – many that were previously unavailable in digital format.
  5. What formats does Axis 360 offer?
    eBooks are available for downloaded in EPUB or PDF formats, or in Blio, the world's most engaging and fully-accessible ereading software application. Patrons can also easily read EPUB and PDF ebooks through Baker & Taylor's axisReader app.

    Acoustik™ audiobooks can be downloaded and enjoyed using the free Acoustik app for iOS and Android devices.
  6. Is Axis 360 mobile compatible?
    Yes. Users coming to an Axis 360 website on a mobile device are automatically redirected to a mobile version of Axis 360 that has been optimized for their device.
  7. Is Axis 360 fully accessible?
    Yes, and Axis 360 is the only digital media circulation platform that provides full accessibility for the sight-impaired, helping all libraries meet ADA requirements for equal access.
  8. What is FirstLook Digital?
    FirstLook Digital is a free new-title notification service which alerts librarians about forthcoming electronic publications through monthly carts delivered to selectors using Title Source 3. The service enables librarians to identify and purchase important new digital materials alongside print and spoken word editions in one seamlessly integrated workflow.

    Baker & Taylor's collection development team can also provide customized start-up collections for Axis 360 tailored to your library's needs and budget.
  9. What is CustomReach?
    CustomReach is the free, dynamic marketing program designed to support libraries using Baker & Taylor's Axis 360 digital media library. Through CustomReach you select and tailor marketing materials such as bookmarks, posters and more to promote your Axis 360 service to patrons, students and the community.